Dil Mil

Ask: Dil Mil is the leading Indian matchmaking app, and asked us to create a viral series of videos ads that would generate shares and app downloads
Delivered:  We created the viral  “Don’t Get Arranged” campaign with four videos that resonated highly with their audience.

• Over 2 Million Views. 
• 22k Tracked App Downloads. 
•Ad Campaign Featured in Forbes. 
• Branded as Leader in Indian Dating and Content. 

Don't be that friend!

Don't be that friend! Find your Valentine on Dil Mil! Tag friends who have caused and been in similar situations. 😂 😂 #valentinesday #dilmil #dilmilvalentine #nomorethirdwheeling #comedy

Posted by Dil Mil on Monday, February 6, 2017
What if Santa were Indian?

Fortunately, Indian Santa doesn’t exist but Dil Mil does! Download Dil Mil to find your perfect match this holiday season! #dilmil #comedy #indiansanta #holidayseason #merrychristmas #findtheone

Posted by Dil Mil on Thursday, December 22, 2016