'A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula'  is now on sale for 99 cents here!
Many thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of Aimee Garcia-Tice's wonderful picture book 'Maybe because'! Copies will soon be winging their way to the winners! 
The incredible and prolific writer for adults and children gives his top 5 tips to writing for short story competitions in a clip from the BBC. I think these tips could be applied to all writing! One thing that really comes across clearly in this clip is Mr Horowitz's absolute passion for writing. This clip should inspire everyone to pick up a pen or turn on their computer! Get writing! Anthony Horowitz's website is here.
We have been so impressed with the creativity shown by young people around the 'Over To You' artwork for 'The Secret Formula'! Recently, Poppy, a reader from Sydney, submitted a wonderful sculpture of the Secret Formula! Check it out! So far, we have received a beautiful handwritten letter, drawings, a video book trailer and the sculpture! How creative! :)
It was very exciting on Saturday, to hear that the first Bella Street Mystery 'The Secret Formula' was runner up in the fiction category at the Woollahra lit fest here in Sydney! The winner was an adult novel so I feel Bella held her own! One of the judges said she thought 'The Secret Formula' was so scary it should be rated MA!! I'm glad she found it suspenseful as I think young people like to feel that tingle of fear!
Just enter a comment and on Dec 1 Aimee and I will pick 10 lucky winners! 
A recent comment from Claudia in Connecticut reminded us that we should mention using 'Maybe because' in the classroom. We have held several workshops for children from Kindergarten to Grade 2 to prompt discussion about what it is that makes every child special and also how families can be comprised of many different elements. Aimee is available for class workshops in the Sydney area — she is an experienced educator as well as author — and for fun Skype workshops further afield! We'll post examples of what some of the children have created in the workshops soon! Also, keep an eye on Aimee's site for teaching guides and testimonials!
How exciting! We have just heard that 'A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula' by Clare Havens has been shortlisted in the prestigious Woollahra Local Writers' Word Festival 2011! The first book that bacon and eggs media ever published, 'Maybe because' by Aimee Garcia-Tice, illustrated by Serena Geddes, was a finalist last year so it is wonderful for bacon and eggs media to make the finalist list two years running! How thrilling!
We are so excited to announce the upcoming release of 'A Bella Street Mystery: Doc Gutson's Revenge' by Clare Havens and also 'And That's What Makes Us A Family' by Aimee Garcia-Tice and illustrated by Serena Geddes. 'Doc Gutson's Revenge' should be with us by Christmas and 'And That's What Makes Us A Family' will be out early in 2012! Watch this space for competitions and giveaways for these two books.
We are receiving some wonderful, creative artwork (both drawing and video-related) over at www.BellaStreetMysteries.com! Pop over to check it out and send your work to clareATbaconandeggsmediaDOTcom. WE'd love to see some more 'Maybe because' inspired work — we have a couple of images we'll be posting soon. Stand by to take a look!